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Oil Paintings

 Oil paintings
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Oil paintings
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Oil paintings
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Paint Me, Arnot Art Museum, NY

Original Oil Paintings

Paint Me (detail), ​Oil on board, 48" x 48", 2015

My work is about capturing objects and people in a moment of time.  Not the time itself, there's no reference to what is going on where the object or person exists.  Backgrounds are either blank or abstract as to not place the  subject matter in a specific time.  Rather my aim is more to capture the age of the subject.  When starting a new work I asked myself, "Is this a new object?  Is it old?  Has it been used before?  Is the person aged?  Are they bright, new, and shiny?  Or have they been worn down from many years of use?"

An image of a rusty, banged up hammer tells you that it's been well used; however a drawing or painting of a hammer in a workshop tells you where it was used, while an image of a hammer placed in a worker's hand tells you what it will be used for.  Neither is the goal of my work.  I simply want to showcase the hammer as it is.

If the content of my drawings and paintings were the work of an author they would be short stories not novels, haikus not epic poems.  Smaller, but not less important.  Not less meaningful.

I feel this lack of a traditional setting leaves the viewer the freedom to place the object in their own frame of reference.  Does the object bring up memories of when they've used a similar hammer?  Or are they dreaming up a past that the hammer might have existed in.  The meaning of artwork then transfers from me to the viewer and their interpretation of it.